La increíble pasión de la presunta amante de James Rodríguez

2017-11-12 00:11 Cajón de Sastre Por: Sergio Fernández

La modelo rusa Helga Lovekaty, la mujer que lleva de cabeza al ex madridista James, tiene una pasión que no le pega nada. La explosiva presunta amante del futbolista del Bayern, a la que acusan de haber roto el matrimonio del colombiano con Daniela Ospina, es una gran seguidora de la saga de películas Star Wars.

Como lo estás leyendo. Helga Lovekaty ha dejado claro con varias publicaciones en Instagram en los últimos meses que siente pasión por la saga de películas de La Guerra de las Galaxias. Una afición que no duda en compartir con sus fans y que la aleja bastante del estereotipo de mujeres que suelen ver este tipo de largometrajes.

“La nueva película de Star Wars se estrenará muy pronto, pero por ahora voy a ver Thor”, escribió Helga junto a su último selfie en las redes sociales. El pasado verano, la joven visitó el lugar en el que se grabaron las escenas del planeta ficticio Tatooine, en Túnez, y quedó encantada al poderse fotografiar en los decorados que tanto la emocionan… Lo puedes comprobar a continuación.

A lot of my followers asked me which of the #StarWars characters is my favorite. I think this is #DarthVader. I watched the film a hundred times and a hundred times convinced that young #AnakinSkywalker was guided only by good intentions in their actions. The chain of circumstances simply pushed Anakin to the #DarkSide, although in his heart he remained devoted to his ideals. First of all, this is too bureaucratized teacher #ObiWanKenobi, who absolutely didn't make any corrections to the uniqueness of the situation of the young #Skywalker. Secondly, the problems and double standards of the #JediOrder, which actually led Anakin's lost of his mother and family. And of course, the final point was the battle of #MaceWindu vs #Palpatin, where Anakin saw no differences between #jedi and #sith. The situation is very similar to real life, in which any following extreme points, whether the #lightside or the dark side does not bring anything good. Not stupid ceremonies but the force is realy important.That's why I always respect Darth Vader and #QuiGon. I look forward to the development of the history of #GrayJedi. Who is your favorit character? May the force be with you #helga #helgamodel #episodeVIII #starwarsfan #starwarsday #starwarsart #maytheforcebewithyou #theforceawakens #stormtrooper #r2d2 #LukeSkywalker 😈

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I'm really looking forward to the new #episodeVIII. Most likely you already noticed that #StarWars had certain similarities of plot lines of old and new films: master and padawan walk in the desert, someone's hand was cut off ✋🗡, explode the #DeathStar, all annoying cheerful loser 😤. That's why I'm really pleased with the update of the characters that is happening now.✌️😉✌️ It's great that in the center of the plot is the girl #Rey. I think that this will definitely give Star Wars new opportunities for development and will find a new additional loyal audience. Personally, I would like to see the progress of the story in this way. There was still no strong female character on the Dark Side in the movie. We need a hero who would be able to convey to the galaxy's inhabitants the true story and motives of #DarthVader. A character for whom only true force would be important and she could unite its carriers from the both sides. ❤️🖤 I think it's just not possible for a super-bureaucratized #Jedi from the light side. Because the character who moved from the #DarkSide to the Gray is much easier to convey his ideas to the inhabitants than to the character of the #LightSide who also switched to the Gray. I willn’t be surprised and it will be really funny if the Supreme leader #Snoke is a woman (of course I'm kidding) 🤣. After all, women are more insidious and dangerous than men. These would be completely different and more sophisticated methods of fighting for superiority in the galaxy. Would you like to see a strong female character on the Dark Side?🤔 May the Force be with you. #episodeVIII #starwarsfan #starwarsday #starwarsart #maytheforcebewithyou #theforceawakens #stormtrooper #r2d2 #LukeSkywalker

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